Yoga Sessions


Restorative Yoga & Holistic Workshop Facilitator

Intention: To Create a relaxing and restorative space to address stress and reduce the reaction to tension and pressures. 

Qualifications: Certified Hatha,RYT200 (Green Tree Yoga & Meditation, South LA) and Kemetic Yoga instructor KYT200(Yoga Skills, Jamaica). 

My Yoga: is about creating balance(MAAT) that allows us to get in tune with our best selves and our breath. To enhance our breathing is to enhance our lives. There is a healing that comes when we are united in practice. As my grandmother says, “Together is a beautiful place to be.” Ase.

My Style: My classes embody the idea of "soul flow" where yoga isn't just exercise-it's restorative justice. It's about finding that rhythm rather through breath or movement where your being(essence) is affirmed and your soul is enlightened.  Our practice is the reclamation  of our ancestors sacred movement and the attunement and transcendence of the god body consciousness.

Methodology: Intentional Breathing & Relaxation for Rejuvenation. 

Benefits: Strengthens the respiratory system, activates the circulatory, parasympathetic nervous system, thyroid and glandular system, massages internal organs and applies moderate pressure to connective tissues increasing flexibility and equanimity. 

Additional Topics Covered:

Stress management & Coping Skills


Team Building & Communication 

Classes are designed to serve all ages, levels, individuals and groups of people.