Kemetic Divine Identity

Based on the research of Bobby Hemmit


0. Imuit Nuit-Great Mother

Heru- pakrath - baby jesus-horus

1.Ptah, Osiris, Asar

2. Isis, Auset, Amen, Tehuti

3. Neptes, Maut

4. Amen, Isis, Auset

5. Horus, Heru, Neptes

6. Ra, Ausar, Osiris Ra

7. Hathor

8. Tehuti,(female version)sashhet(godess of wisdom) Toth, Anubis-Black Dog

9. Shu-Goddess

10. Osiris, Seb, Isis, Neptes, eye of heru



11. Imaut, Nuit, Maat

12. Tehuti, Toth

13. Shomc, Hathor(heavenly Isis(covers wide spectrum)godess of Love)

14. Hathor

15. Isis, Mentu(form of osiris)

16. Osiris, Athes(bull), Hathor, Het Heru

17. Mertes(twin) various twin deities(shu(F)/tefnut(m))heat and light

18. Khepra, Har-maku, Maat

19. Horus, Rahukit(horus in fire stage)-, Pashet(f)Lion), Sekmet, Mau(fire deity)

20. Heru, baby Horus, Isis/Auset as Virgin(young woman)


21. Amen Ra

22. Maat

23. Osiris, Asar

24. Typhin, Apap, Khepra, Sekmet

25. Neptes

26. Set(blackness, heiprglaph), Kim-Set

27. Horus

28. Nut

29. Anubis, Khepra

30. Hathor, Eye of Hathor, Ra

31. Mau, Horus(Form), Heru, Osiris

32. Sebek,


MIC-Mamas we got this. Babas we got you, as you got us and the Bebes.


Moms in Color:

In March I had the opportunity of taking part in lovely Moms In Color meet up IN downtown are my initial words/thoughts, then I travel through my reflections, to come full circle to the wisdom. Enjoy!



My Initial Thoughts, Words that Sum Up My Experience:

Black Motherhood


Came from afar



Thirst for space that appropriately tailored toward their experience

Reminded me that I am not alone

Gratitude for the support and tribe I do have

Self care Self Care Self Care


Women feel “alone” /isolated in their experience

Black Super woman complex

How do you show up for yourself?

Appreciation of my partner-co parenting, co-nannying

Ask and you will recieve-facebook post about breastfeeding and sleep.

Power of a mother’s/ care givers testimonial

Necessity for old school local community

Walked away ready for the next meet up.

Reunion and celebration

Wanted to honor the fathers that support these mothers, create these children.

The power in sharing story, emotional vulnerability

As mothers- where are we going to invest our power?


Moms in color celebrated chicness in black motherhood. We traveled through the water bearig february rain waters, we boundled up the lil ones, and we gathered anxiously as sigh of releif of “we made it”- “we are here”- “Where my folks at”.

I attended knowing that I needed a space where I could listen, be present and hear and humble her. My partner had been suggesting that I find an outlet or space with other mama sistars for “support & perspective”. He was right, and I knew if not this specific event, I could gain and or plant the seeds of support and introspection I gently needed.

I took a moment to carefully sit and reflect on my experience. These are the top 5 things that resonated with me the most:


Pride & Honoring thy self:

We are beautiful wombmen. We carry portals of light within our body and spirit experience.

Honor thy self through rituals of nourishment, words of power, and thoughts of manifestation.

Even in our lack, in our injustice, we still fly.



Power of Intentional Melinated Space

The system of racism/ws will have beings feeling alone and isolated, rather through physical location, cultural differences and or opinions, yet we are always connected in our breath, and through the sycronicity, naturally we experience similar rhythms in life. When we realize, we not only remember who we really are, we shed the ego in our unity, in the transcendence and the alchemy in releasing the pain of an illusion and recieving the knowledge in abundant being.

We not only need, but crave spaces that are appropriately tailored toward our being and experience but assit in the re-connection, re-uniting process. Collaboration is Key.


Power of a mother’s/ care givers testimonial/ sharing story & wisdom

Share with honesty, listen with compassion, heal with wisdom.

Honor the fathers that support these beautiful, intelligent, creative and magical mothers that plant and create these beautiful, intelligent, creative and magical children.


And Lastly As this identity of “Mother”- where are we going to invest our power?



Mamas we got this. Babas we got you, as you got us and the Bebes.

In addition to thoughts, reflections, wisdom and inspiration, I created an exclusive Ras Love Soul mix with the feelings and energy I recievd from the event at Art Exchange in down town LA. I met some wonderful mamas, shared moments with some mamas in my tribe, watched with admiration as my partner feed the mamas, and my sun be in the middle of it all.
You can find the Ras Love Soul Moms In Color edition on Spotify or go to the link below:




Lately I have been reading some Dynamic, Inspiring, Honest & Creative truth sessions from sistars on social media.

Personally, I get my media and news from social media. I do not watch the “news”, I watch my people’s “news”. When I see, read, or watch stories of my sistars and brothas telling their truth,promoting uplifting ways for self and family-

that’s what i call Positive Propaganda.

It reminds me of the importance of telling our stories, the day to day, the simple, the wisdom, the elevation and expansion of our journeys. It feeds and inspires!

So this is my way of paying it forward, and shedding light/darkness and juiciness from the in between unseen.

Even Though our journeys look different they are synchronized in a delicate web of melanin genius.

All to say, it’s my time, to share, to write beyond the surface, open the lens and share this experience.

I'm going to start with sharing some simple thoughts on the new SIR Album "November" and complex thoughts on mama training and great infinite love. 


My favorite songs off of the new sir album, Something New, D’Evils, War and Summer in November. All around it is a great album. He is consistent with his sound and music. It is a shame he does not receive mainstream radio play, soon come.

TDE is doing a good job with their artists, and I am excited to see the new LA upcoming artist with their labels and expansion and transformation of black music business. With the consciousness of the artist comes the consciousness of the music and the creativity.

Sir’s voice is a cafe serenade. You can listen to it anywhere, and it allows you to move through deeper self introspection on the matters of Love, Love, Love. Relationships. It’s relatable, juicy, and soft-like good head on the thirdish date lol. 

I like D’Evils because it reminds me of what my good friend calls the country love life. Since having my sun, my world has slowed down immensely and I literally live one day at a time, honoring the day, the highs and the lows. 

I was speaking with my sadu sister about how vipassana created a safe foundation for me thrive on with motherhood. This experience ( a 10 day meditation which is really like 12 days, retreat in Joshua Tree) at 9 months pregnant found an inner strength that gave answers and promoted an environment of equanimity for daily living. We literally meditated for 10 hours a day, did not speak, only ate, slept and meditated, with our occasional breaks for walking/napping. This power of steadfastness magnetized in my 3 day labor, a home birth, which moved its way to the hospital, ending in a c-section with the spinal shot.


3 observations about the Big C.

1. They strap you down.

2. It feels like your body is burning.

3. Uncontrollable shakes.

An tip that helped my recovery: I drank a ton of coconut water immediately after my operation/birth to cleanse out the toxins from the "meds" in my body(even though they don't want you too), as well a ton of chlorophyll- since you lose a lot of blood in the operation. 

My anticipated Kwabena sun which manifested himself to Kwame, Aquarius Rising Taurus Sun Pisces Moon born 11lbs 2 oz , the late night/early morning after Malcolm X bday. 

It kept my head cool when my partner and I were unjustly involuntarily institutionalized and investigated,  for exercising our medical rights for our child

Racism becomes 10 times more real when you birth a black child into this realm. 

 Navigating myself through this new way of being, is a space of transition: gently molding myself from Lauren Wolley To Mama Lauren . I find myself once again in a vipassana like situation raising my sun, breast feeding every day, all day, giving baths and laying in the sun, being present in this presence, is in essence our Ashram, sacred space, simple life,something our grandmothers and grandfathers taught us about.  . Living in between a space of excitement for my cultivation and overwhelming for the sacrifice- but I breathe, I slow down. I basque and big up the small moments which minimize the feelings of loss/lack.

I find solace in good music, good food, laughs, triumphs, moments of communication and clarity, growth, and of course that chaotic, creative free space of everything from the unseen.

Sir affirms this for me- even when I was 40 weeks pregnant...

Sir makes you sexy, makes you feel, reflect and create an ambiance of some sort of human connection/thought/touch/experience.

Something New reminds me of “the Great Love Affair”.

But aren’t all love affairs Great!

Define Great Love:

1. Mystical & Compassionate

2. Growth & Forgiveness 

3. Inspires creativity

4. Makes you smile through & through 

(the short list)

Seeing the Greatness in the act or separation of togetherness. 

and Surrendering to the separation of the togetherness is the evolvement of the true love we have inseminated in this universe. Transcendence in love comes with Understanding the impermanent nature of it all creating the peace, and the compassion the heart needs. 

To ovastand this is sometimes beyond Our or Our Partners earthly knowing/understanding.


I want to operate in a dimension where there is no conditions and blocks on this idea of relationship cultivation, expansion , and growth.

Some lovers are here for a season, a lifetime,  and few are here for infinity, discriminating between the three is a skill, that changes everyday because nothing is 

In this relative space, fear dominates so much being that we fuck ourselves with ego and judgement / reactions based ideals of “good” / “bad” rather than a liberation and understanding.

Black love is truly complex and simple at the same time. Polarity at it’s finest.  

Moving forward,

First Medi:

The imprinted mystical love journey and connection, transcends this dimension, magnetizing and operating at multiple universal planes. 

It’s vibration so deep despite non physical contact continues to manifests itself in all realms. And so it is. Connected by the breath.

Second Medi:

Knowing despite what season you are in your journey with your lover you can always start fresh, start again. True love is an act of releasing and receiving. And so it is. We breathe together.

Check out Sir's album November out now :)



ritual cools the head: a public ritual exchange
October 8, 2017


Emerging from Smith’s own engagement with ritual as an Orisa devotee within the Isese tradition as practiced throughout Yorubaland in Nigeria, her project aims to challenge the idea that ritual only functions within the realm of religious/spiritual practice. Rather, this project will assert an alternative theory—that rituals inherently exist within the tasks, routines, and practices of everyday life, and can occur as forms of self-care. Direct and casual at its core, participants will be invited to fill out and submit a biographical info sheet in which they are asked to describe a personal ritual; in exchange, they will be given the biographical info sheet of a stranger to take home and contemplate. This is part of an ongoing project by Smith, in which every ritual info sheet will be photographed, catalogued, and eventually made available in a collection of thematic chapbooks.

I met Ms. Smith back in high school working together for a student run sexual health advocacy and education organization named PASHEN, She was a quiet, beautiful, nose pierced, poetic, avid maroon 5 listener, and sweetest capricorn sistah from Oakland you could ever meet. With an affections smile and heart I am so proud to have crossed journeys with this lovely being who uses ritual work (from the wisdom of our ancestors) as means for self care practice, artistic expression and means for restoration. Keep an eye out for this Bay Area Native, Howard Educated, East coast living queen. 

 Nia I’man Smith is the founder of THE BLACK CONNECTION, a blog and apparel brand dedicated to the celebration of Blackness as expressed through music, literature, and spiritual traditions. Nia I’man Smith’s work as THE BLACK CONNECTION can be found on tumblr and etsy under THE BLACK CONNECTION moniker. Her creative writing can also be found in the anthology, “Say it Loud: Poems about James Brown,” published though Whirlwind Press and the webjournal, The Liberator. She is currently a Museum Educator at the Studio Museum in Harlem and works as a Program Manager at ArtsConnection, aiding in providing innovative arts programming to millions of students in the New York City public school system.

Read the full article/anouncement here-


Follow/Find Ms. Smith


Black Vegan & Green

Nappywyood-The LA NATURAL Hair & Lifestyle Expo is the largest Expo on the West coast focused on the health and education of Natural Hair.  Leading educators, thought leaders in the ethnic hair care industry gather to share information, network and showcase new  creative designs and product technology. Seminars and workshops are offered that shines a light on natural lifestyle, natural hair, culture and community empowerment.



I was apart of the Black, Green and Vegan Workshop Panel Moderated by Rev. Arlene Hylton of the Agape International Spiritual Center along with Sistah Modupe, Raw Vegan Soul Food, 
Brotha Kaddumu, Educator, Community Service Activist & Herbalist.

You can catch the live stream here. 

5 Take Aways

1. Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate. Old fashioned but simple and does the body good. Break Fast with a quart of water, allow your body to breath, flow, let go, drop a load. 

2. Decide what it is you want to change/work on, and start with that. Start small and simple. One day at a time. Be patient and kind to your temple. 

3.80/20 Raw/Cooked Diet. 80% is alkaline to the 20% is acid. Living Beings need Living Foods. 

4. Expand & Elevate through a Lifestyle of Healthy Living. Healthy Eating, Healthy Mind, Body & Soul. Feed yourself in all areas that restore and rejuvenate. 

5. Revolutionary & Radical Act an African Person living in America can do.  Breaking dysfunctional conditioning & cultural norms, at the same time taking control of your body back, your way of looking, challenging the "norm" or standard. 


Rev Arlene, Sistah Modupe, Brotha Kaddumu, Lauren & Veggie Baby Ross(Left to right)


Black Yogi Database LA


Cecelia Ussher

Black Water

Keishan Reines

Allison Simon

Global Lioness, Christina 

Misty powell

Staci Mitchell

Aja Whitten

James Woods



Destiny Chase

Not Pictured:


Roz Kumari

Inpu Ka Mut

Purusha Hickerson