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Kemetic Yoga Speaking Light Into your Practice(s)

  • The Tree South LA 8227 S Western Ave Los Angeles (map)

Speaking Light into your Practice(s)
Intention, Perseverance & ConsistencyKemetic Yoga, Qi Gong and Integral Tools for Manifestational Living Workshop Friday, Jan. 25th7-930PM8227 S. Western Ave LA

$20 PreSale./$25 Door (Includes Food and materials)Tickets Available via eventbrite. 

Anuwolley Host an evening of Kemetic Yoga, Qi Gong and Integral Manifestational Skills Workshop and Discussion with Special Guest Instructor Inpu Ka Mut. 

What to Bring: You will be required to complete the Conflict Style Questionnaire  prior to our class meeting. Or you can fill it out when you arrive(please come early). Bring notebook, writing material, pens & most importantly your breath. 

The Goals: Sacred Movement, Breath Work, and Self Inquiry. 

Anuwolley will be workshopping the Kemetic Sun Salutation( Journey of Ra). Guest Instructor Inpu Ka Mut, will be facilitating Kemetic & Qi Gong Practices for Resilience. There will be self inquiry exercise, writing and communication & conflict tools and styles,The Discussion portion and panel engage differences in approach, the art of Intention, Perseverance, & Consistency. Sharing of cultural rituals and practices we use.A Delicious Vegan meal catered by Baba's Vegan Cafe will be provided. All Levels Welcome and Encouraged to Attend. 

Why it's important: 1.We all travel and experience path(s)/practice(s) in our approach to living. This is a curated space to share and explore new ways to improve, encourage, and empower you along your path as well provide new tools for manifestation. 

2.Collective breath and meditative practice enhances the individual both physiologically and mentally. The unity in collective practice moves us beyond a singular experience, it connects us to the all, knowing that our connectiveness is our oneness. 

3. Collective & Personal Accountability to Greatness. Assists and Empowers in the healing of generational wounds manifested through racism/white supremacy.  
Mats and yoga props available.   Plant Based Food and Tea will be served. Curated Playlist for music lovasPaolo Santo/Sage/Incense Burning. Afro-Diasporic Space Centered. All Are Welcome.
Inpu Ka Mut Bio:

Seba (Teacher) Inpu Ka Mut is a founding member of an association of independent Khemetic (Egyptian) priests, priestesses, and monks. As a Khemetic priest (Hm Ntr), he has provided spiritual and psycho-social counseling, house blessings, rites of passage and other traditional Afrakan spiritual services for many people on the East and West coasts. He currently resides in Los Angeles, California. Seba Inpu has provided counsel and advice to people in the entertainment industry, small business community, and numerous individuals.

Seba Inpu is a martial artist, yogi and founder of the Khemetic Aha and Sema Association (KhASA). His students have ranged from three to ninety-fve years of age. A former instructor and member of the Khemetic T’ai Chi and Yoga Society, Seba Inpu incorporates T’ai Chi Ch’uan, Taoist, Hatha, Kundalini and Pranayama sema (yoga), Rekh Hati Khemeti (Khemetic Mind Science, a traditional meditation and healing system), and massage to work with individuals in clinical settings as a Mind- Body Health consultant, Self-Applied Health Enhancement Methods (SAHEM) practitioner, and alternative health practitioner, as a form of healing self care for the past 28 years. Seba Inpu centers the practice in aiding survivors of trauma, PTSD and private clients referred as part of a complementary practice with traditional medicine.

What is Kemetic Yoga?

Kemetic Yoga refers to a holistic spiritual system of self-development created by the sages of ancient Egypt.Kemetic yoga is understanding of our connection to the spirits of our ancestors and the true nature of Divine Universal Forces(Deities properly called Neteru).(Yoga Skills) It is a meditative, slow and passive practice, emphasizing the four point breathing method. Through geometric progression and intentional breath control, we move and circulate life force, strengthen the respiratory system, activate the circulatory, parasympathetic nervous system, thyroid and glandular system.The cultivation of practice is an internal tune up, of stretching, lengthening, releasing, and deepening. In our breath we are grounded, cleansed and restored for a new day.

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