Village Visions is is the eclectic neighborhood holistic entertainment and lifestyle blog of Los Angeles based Anu Wolley Ross. A Blagazine of everyday journalism, reflective mood mixtapes, wisdom interviews and a yogi calendar featuring LA's chocolate yoga scene; this is Wolley's digital manifestation network. A space sata created to promote radical cooperative economics,and mindful energy exchange. 

Wolley is a Bay Area native with a penchant for positive propaganda and economic networking. Her style is best described as Living Yogi Juice for the internal activist who uses their being for intentional and radical restorative living.

Armed with an ear for active listening and a passion for afro-diasporic lenses, Wolley specializes in designing intristic social gatherings that are open, collaborative and culturally enriching spaces focused on wellness/natural living and mindfullness based modalities.

" As a space creator we are able to facilitate spaces where people feel secure to shed and grow, a process of releasing and receiving. Its a hub, its a pick me up, a positive addiction to a resource of awareness and inspiration."

The under constructionThrift Shop was designed with the inspiration and magic of letting go, decluttering and living simply. An act of radical self love, by paying it forward stylishly, intended to create positive fair exchange, and a climate of positive propaganda through everyday fashion.

Village Visions is the easy go to space to pop by, tune in and vibe out; and then graciously proceed on your way.

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IG: anuwolley 


All photos on this site were taken by Shantanu Starick as he has been travelling the world for his latest project, Pixel Trade.